Sunday, February 9, 2014

Delta Handcycle Version in Carbon Fiber

Delta Handcycle Version in Carbon Fiber

The delta (two rear wheels and one front wheel) design is nearly finished.  I still have to add finish epoxy coatings to the bottom and put a UV protective clear coating over the full handcycle.  As well, I have to add the cables for the brake and shifters and the shifter itself.  

The rear wheels spin well within the wheel housings.  Each rear wheel tilts in about 5 degrees from bottom to top.  You might notice the large structural "keel" (unfinished) running the length of the base.  

The chain incorporates half link(s) in order to size the length correctly for the transmission.  Again, I am using a transmission system in order to remove some problems that I often encounter with shifting. In particular, if I have to stop suddenly and am in a high gear without down-shifting, I put tremendous pressure on my shoulders trying to get the bike moving again.  On my aluminum handcyle, I broke two welds over the last couple of years when caught in such situations.  With the transmission, I can shift when stopped.  

I am not sure when I can put this on the road since  I am still in the process of getting my strength back from rotator cuff surgery on the right shoulder.  A full tear and a partial tear has slowed me down a bit.  Luckily I am at the point of adding very light strengthening exercises in my rehab process.