Thursday, May 1, 2014

After 150 miles...

Delta-handcycle after the first 150 miles
My thoughts after 150 miles...

1 -- The handcycle feels pretty good.  That is, it fits like a glove -- or more precisely -- a recliner fit to my body.  As an example, when the weather is bad or I start a late workout I put the handcycle on the rollers, indoor, and throw a couple of  movies on the "big screen", I often do not get off the bike even after I finish the workout. Instead, I continue to lay on the bike to finish the films.  Hell, it's more comfortable than a chair.

My recliner for movies...

2 -- The disc brake is fantastic.  I will never ride a handcycle without a disc brake again.  On my next bike, I will design two of them into it.

3 -- The bike is LOW to the ground.  That makes it nice for getting off the bike.  I just slide over to the garage floor.

 4 -- Faster? I don't yet know if the bike is faster as compared to my Force-G or not.  My right shoulder is 4-5 months past the surgery.  The shoulder is getting stronger quickly but I cannot push particularly hard.  Though on a couple of small downhill areas of my "nightly" ride, I would hit 26 mph max (after a climb). In comparison, without pushing, I did hit 27 mph with this bike.  So, this bike is at least as fast as my old one.  BTW, I had modified the Force-G such that I was laying pretty flat on it as well.  I am carrying about 7 extra pounds on the bike (about equally divided between the transmission and the carbon fiber). As well, after many months of little activity I have gained 7 pounds of fat.

5 -- I had to rebuild the handles in order that my hands would be more comfortable (the other handles were too small). Additionally, I wanted the right handle to have the twist shifter built right into it.  The design works out very well!  It is comfortable for short rides.  The real test will come on the 200K and longer rides.  That is when the hands cramp and shifting becomes more difficult.

Right-side handle with twist shifter built in

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  1. Congratulations Bruce. That is absolutely fantastic that the bike is so good for you.